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Fishing Calendar

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lingcod     oceanoceanoceanoceanoceanocean 
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ocean fishing: ocean inland fishing: inland

The fishing calendar is only meant as a general guide.
Please visit the CDFW site for the latest information.


Ocean Rates

Albacore fishing, maximum 4 people, $1600 per day.

All other excursions, full boat of 6 people, 8 hours, $1200.

Individual rate, 2 person minimum, 8 hours, $200. per person

Inland Rates

All excursions, up to 4 people, 8 hours, $800.

Individual rate, 2 person minimum, 8 hours, $200. per person

Special Crab Excursions

6 people maximum, from November 1st to the end of the season in January

Crab and Rock Fishing Combo - $225. per person

Crab Only - $100. per person

State Crab Limit - 10 per person


Excursion Details

Excursions don't begin the moment we start catching fish and end the moment we stop, excursion time begins when we leave the dock to get to where the fish are and ends when get back to the dock and tie-up again. Somewhere in between we usually catch a bunch of fish. ;)

Full fare applies after the boat has left the dock. If you request an early return, due to seasickness or any other reason, you will still be responsible for the full fare. The only exception is when sea conditions or other safety concerns require an early return. In such cases a prorated fare applies depending on length of time spent out.

All bait and terminal tackle is supplied for fishing excursions except heavy jigs for bottom fishing. Anglers are encouraged to bring their own tackle if they wish. Also note, whether young or old, fishing or not, the maximum number of passengers is 4 inland or 6 at sea.

Though the duration of excursions may vary in time, we usually try to assemble by the boat at 6:30 a.m. and depart shortly thereafter. Exact departure times may depend on tides and sunrise so other details are provided a week before your excursion date. Though we try to select dates with stable conditions sometimes Mother Nature has other plans. We do our best to insure such occasions are rare.

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Being Prepared

Dress in layers to stay warm and waterproof boots or shoes come in handy when we wash the deck after landing fish. Bring a camera, sunscreen, lunch, something to drink (we discourage other than responsible alcohol consumption) and don't forget seasickness meds, just in case. Last thing you'll need is a fishing license if 16 yrs. or over. They are not sold on the boat! You can apply for one online or buy one at the CDFW License Service or at your local bait and tackle shop.

Deposits & Cancellations

Full Deposits are required for all excursions. Cancellation must be received at least 7 days in advance or a 50% cancellation fee will be charged. Those received 48 hours before departure date with be charged the full cost of the excursion. Weather conditions or other unforeseen circumstance may warrant cancellation on our part. There is of course no charge in this case.

Deposits should be made with check, payable to North Bay Charters LLC, PO Box 580 Sonoma CA 95476. Credit or debit cards are not accepted.

Contact Information

North Bay Charters LLC
PO Box 580 Sonoma CA 95476
Phone: 707.337.0608
Take Five boat location
Porto Bodega- Sportsfishing Center
1500 Bay Flat Rd, Bodega Bay, CA 94923

Let us know which excursion you'd like to take and when you want to go. We will get back to you as soon as we can with details. We always try to do our best to insure you have a GREAT time. -Captain Eric


North Bay Charters LLC PO Box 580 Sonoma CA 95476 Phone: 707.337.0608 Email: