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“Take Five”
(Grady-White express 305)

Bodega Bay Fishing Charters


We specialize in Bodega bay fishing charters for salmon, Rockfish, crab, halibut, tuna & many other species.

bodega bay fising gear

Top of the line fishing gear and tackle

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The latest Electronics with 3D Mapping

Book a fun filled adventure on the fishing vessel "Take Five". Our charter boat is a beautiful 31 foot Grady-White, Express 305. Our knowledgeable captains will have you fishing for salmon, crab, halibut, tuna and many other species listed on our fishing page. All necessary fishing gear is provided, of course, though anglers are free to bring their own.


We also visit wildlife habitats, from those of coastal fish and birds to the deep water domains of Gray Whales. Further details of our nature tours can be found on the excursions page.

After twenty plus years of fishing the California coast, from Monterey Bay to Shelter Cove, Captain Eric has the depth of experience to help you find your "big fish". He also ensures that everything's ship-shape and safe at sea.

Our boat is a fast and reliable vessel, fully equipped with the latest electronics and Coast Guard approved safety gear.

We provide everything you need to catch your target species, then we'll fillet it and pack it up in gallon zip-lock bags for you cook straight away, or freeze for later.


bodega bay fishing charters

 Here is the the current forecast in Bodega Bay. Please
bring layers, its better to have it and not need it.

bay area fishing charters

Our Favorite Catches

Here are just some of many species of fish will target throughout the season.
Certain times of year are better than others depending on species.
Take a look below and see what you may expect to catch!
bodega bay salmon fishing
King Salmon (Chinook)

King Salmon run from spring to fall with the season typically closing at the end of October. Peak time of year for salmon fishing is typically July. As fall setsin you will see less numbers but a bigger grade fish.

bodegay bay rock fish
Various Rock Fish

Rockfish season starts in April and will go to the end of the year. early season you can find these fish off deeper reefs, but will move into the shallows as the season progresses.

bodega bay tuna fishing
ALbacore Tuna

Albacore Tuna can be caught in the late summer and fall months, but only if the warm water comes in close enough and has very distinct temp breaks and blue water. August thru October can be good.

bodega bay halibut fishing

Although Halibut is open year round, the most productive months are during the summer months from June thru September. July and August beingthe best months to fish for them.

bodega bay lingcod
Ling cod

Lingcod opens in the spring and is typically open all the way through December. Although you can catch these fun fighting fish all year, the bigger ones are typically landed late in the season.

bodega bay sea bass
White seabass

This elusive fish can show up in numbers one year and not the next. It all depends on if we
have a good squid spawn, which means a good Seabass season. July thru September being
the most productive.

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