Meet your captains

Captain eric holthouse (owner)


A passion for fishing and navigation drew Eric into the charter business. He loves watching people land their first "big fish" or seeing them celebrate catching their limit. And Eric also enjoys just spending time on the water, enjoying the beauty of the California coast.

A fifth generation California native, he has followed his passion since he was a boy. He has successfully fished for everything from tuna on the famous Gordo Banks of Mexico to salmon and Halibut on the west coast of Vancouver Island and northwards to Alaska.Since acquiring his US Coast Guard Master's license he has operated sport and commercial boats in coastal waters from Monterey Bay to Vancouver Island for over 22 years.


Captain Josh Stevens


Having grown up in Point Reyes Station, Captain Josh Stevens has fished all up and down the Marin and Sonoma coast for over 20+ years. Through doing so, he has acquired an extensive knowledge of the area and the marine wildlife that calls this majestic destination their home.

Not only will he put you on the fish, but will gladly share his knowledge of Tomales Bay and Point Reyes National Seashore. Captain Josh looks forward to providing you with the opportunity to witness all the splendor this section of the California coast has to offer.


He has a United States Coast Guard Certified "OUPV" Captains License, CPR certification and is fully insured in order to meet all the USCG requirements to ensure you will have a safe and adventure filled day of sport fishing.


Captain Ryan Giammona


Growing up in Point Reyes Station, Captain Ryan Giammona has spent most of his life fishing the west coast. Ryan has fished from southern Baja to northern Washington above the water with rod and reel and underneath the water with speargun.  During his free time, he enjoys studying and pursuing offshore species of albacore tuna but also spends a much of his time closer to port catching king salmon, rock cod, white seabass and halibut. 


Being a 4th generation local Point Reyes resident , Ryan has spent thousands of days above and below the water around various local wildlife including  whales, sharks, seals and many varieties of game fish and can answer nearly any question involving marine wildlife. 


Ryan has been deckhand of the Take 5 for three years and has extensive experience with operating the boat and safety equipment. He has a United States Coast Guard Certified "Master of 50 tons" Captains License, CPR and first aid certification and is fully insured in order to meet all the USCG requirements to ensure you will have a safe and exciting day on the ocean.